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Warren Farrell's book about child custody, expert witness, fathers rights, fathers, parenting
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Father and Child Reunion

Dr. Warren Farrell's Father and Child Reunion

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Table of Contents


The Quietest Revolution


Chapter 1. Why Dad is Crucial
The Impact of Dad
The Impact of Shared Parent Time (or Joint Physical Custody)
If Shared Parent Time Isn’t in the Cards, Are Children Better Off With Their Mom, Or With Their Dad?
Do Boys Do Better with Dads and Girls with Moms?
The Impact of a Stepparent
The Impact of Moving the Child Away from the Non-Resident Parent

Chapter 2. Is there a Mothering Instinct?...A Fathering Instinct?...And What Does it all Mean for our Kids?
Exactly What Do Fathers Do With Children That's Different From What Mothers Do?

Chapter 3. Are Dads More Likely to Abuse?
Are Fathers Often Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Abuse?
Is Our Belief In The Superiority Of Mothers Related To Our Adopting The Female Definitions of Sexual Abuse?

Chapter 4. What Prevents Dads From Being Involved?
The Dads Themselves
Next Time You See a Full-Time Dad in a Movie, Notice This Formula....
How Our Discrimination Against Men’s Style of Nurturing Keeps Men from Children
The Badmouthing Barrier

Chapter 5. Toward the Best Interests of Everyone....
Is the “Best Interests of the Child” Theory in the Best Interests of the Child?
Paying Men To Stay, Not To Go Away
What Every Dad Can Do (and Mom, Too)

The Feminism That Was

Chapter 6. Men’s ABC Rights
Men’s ABC Rights and Responsibilities: Abortion, Birth, Caring
A Man Can Just Have Sex and Disappear, But A Woman Has to Live with the Consequences, Right?
The Fallacy of “It’s a Woman’s Right to Choose Because It’s a Woman’s Body”
The “Petri Generation”: Questions Frozen Embryos Will Soon Be Asking
How Women’s Rights Are Creating Men’s Rights
The “Trick and Sue” Law: Female-as-Kryptonite
Is A Men’s Birth Control Pill A Viable Solution?
If A Man Wants To Love A Child, Does The Woman Have The Right To Abort It?

Chapter 7. Does Divorce Make Women Poorer And Men Richer?
How Men Lost Their Children Because They Were Not The Primary Parent, And Lost Their Money Because They Were The Primary Breadwinner

Chapter 8. Is Child Support Helping or Hurting the Family?
Are We Giving Women Incentives To Break Up The Family?
Why We Think Of Dads More As Deadbeats Than As Dead Broke, Deadened, Dead-Ended, Or Dead

Chapter 9. “Visitation” is for Criminals
The Child’s Social Immune System: The Case For Denial Of Parent Time As Child Abuse
Why Mothers Deprive Fathers Of “Dad Time”
The Men’s EEOC (Equal Emotional Opportunity Commission)

Chapter 10. Playing the “Abuse” Card
How a Charge of Child Abuse Creates Twelve Guarantees of Child Abuse
Daughter Denies Abuse, So Why Is Dad In Prison?
Women Who Sexually Assault, and the Teachers They Become
Is The False Charge Of Sex Abuse The “Nuclear Weapon Of Domestic Relations”?
When Should The Law Reach Into Our Homes?

Chapter 11. The Political Consequences Of Ignoring Fathers
What the Pro-Choice Woman and the Right-to-Life Woman Have in Common

Chapter 12. Conclusion: Toward a Father and Child Reunion
Appendix. What a Man Needs to Do If Divorce Cannot Be Avoided

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